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Valentine's Day Snow Forecast

Starting to look pretty likely that we see accumulating snow across much of central Illinois on Sunday - which also happens to be Valentine's Day!

As it stands now, 48 hours out from the actual event with still plenty of time for change in forecast track/intensity, it looks like 2-4" of snow will be possible across a big chunk of central Illinois - Champaign-Urbana included.

Snow will likely begin to move into our area during the early morning hours on Sunday, between 3 AM and 9 AM, with a light to moderate snow continuing on through the day on Sunday. While things may begin to taper off, I think we'll continue to see off and on snow flurries into Monday morning.

While higher amounts will be possible to our northwest across Iowa, the storm will be losing some steam as it moves through our area which is why I think we end up right around 2-4". Should the storm weaken faster than expected those totals could be adjusted - and the opposite is true should it come in a little stronger. That's why at 48 hours out I advise you that this is nothing more than an early look at how things would play out if everything remained the same.

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