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4-6"+ snow totals likely Saturday night - Sunday

A large swath of 4-6" snow totals is forecast across much of central Illinois including Champaign-Urbana, as well as surrounding communities such as Bloomington, Springfield, Decatur, Effingham, Danville, and even as far west as Quincy.

It does appear there may be a small band of higher totals approaching the 6-8" range between Interstates 72 and 70 which could include the CU area. I've left things at 4-6" for now and added the disclaimer that locally higher totals are possible - but I may have to throw a band of 6-8" forecast totals either tonight or early tomorrow morning if current trends continue.

Current thinking is this: We'll actually see some sunshine during the day on Saturday before clouds increase in the afternoon. Very light snow flurries will be possible as early as 6 PM in CU, but heavier snow moves into the area between 9 PM and Midnight. A steady moderate snow will continue overnight with the heaviest snow falling between Midnight and 6 AM on Saturday night/Sunday morning. We'll see lingering light snow during the day on Sunday, but most of the damage will likely be done by sunrise on Sunday. As stated above - 4-6" seems most likely, but I am being nudged closer and closer to going over 6" somewhere very near the Champaign-Urbana (between I-72 & I-70) area.

A Winter Weather Advisory or Winter Storm Warning will likely be issued by the National Weather Service no later than Saturday morning.

So, to summarize...

What: Accumulating snow

How much: 4-6", locally higher amounts

When: Between 6 PM Saturday and 6 PM Sunday

Winter Weather Advisory or Winter Storm Warning likely issued soon.


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