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Accumulating snow likely Friday night & Saturday

Highest snow probabilities forecast for Champaign-Urbana are currently in the 2-4" range, but there are some indications that they could increase into the 4-6" range later this evening.

A storm system will begin to organize over southern Missouri overnight tonight, and track along Interstate 70 into central Indiana by Saturday afternoon. Along and north of the storm track, an expansive area of moderate snowfall will develop and move slowly across central Illinois. Light snow flurries will likely continue off and on for the remainder of the afternoon today, with heavier snow pushing into CU in the late evening hours - likely by 9 PM. A continuous moderate snow will continue overnight and into the morning hours on Saturday, tapering off during the early afternoon. A couple of inches of accumulation are possible by sunrise on Saturday, with additional snow to accumulate in the mid-morning hours.

The most likely accumulation range for Champaign-Urbana is currently in the 2-4" range, with an emphasis right around 4". However, there have been some indications that an increase into the 4-6" range may be needed later this evening. That being said, we have been burned here multiple times this winter by last second shifts in the storm track and heavier snow axis. So, I am not ready to dramatically increase our snow totals based on two computer model runs. If trends continue to suggest we will be pushing beyond 4" later this evening I will adjust and update accordingly.

For now - expect a moderate snow to begin falling between 7-9 PM tonight, and continue into Saturday morning with total accumulations of around 4" in Champaign-Urbana.


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